The birthday get together was a cold affair.

Living this far into the Northeast, the people I was with and I are used to the occasional day dipping into the forties or fifties in May or early August.

All of us were hoping the people I was with and I could host a big birthday get together and get away separate from the cooler weather. So far, Spring weather has been above average un-even temperatures, and the people I was with and I thought the entirety of both Spring and summer time was going to stay that way. All of us planned the big surprise birthday get together for our mother’s ninetieth birthday, to be an outdoor affair. There were over 100 people invited, and the people I was with and I wanted it to be memorable. Earlier in the year, our mom had told me he had never had a birthday get together, and the people I was with and I proposed on increasing that. My husband rented a sizable get together canvas tent, and the people I was with and I had it set up in the backyard. All of us had rented a few portable air conditioners just for get together tents. When the morning of the get together came, I was stressed doing our area of the meal. I was talking to our sibling, who was trying to suss how to get mom to the get together. My daughters were coordinating, picking up all the apps, drinks and the birthday cake. As the morning progressed, it didn’t seem to be sizzling up. My husband told me he heard the weather report, and it had changed. The uneven temperatures were dropping, and it was feeling like it was going to rain. My husband joked around about not needing the air conditioners and wondered if the people I was with and I should have ordered the natural gas furnaces instead. He called the rental arena and asked about their having any natural gas furnaces the people I was with and I could rent. Luckily, they had some patio natural gas furnaces that they were willing to supply us to use. He headed out to option them up before any of the guests arrived.



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