Restaurants better have good HVAC settings

I don’t know about you, but I have been living like a recluse for the past year.

I am a bit of an introvert on my own merits. When the pandemic began my isolation attempts only deepened. I feel like I don’t need to see other humans on a normal day, and now that they are walking virus factories I’m even less inclined to see members of my species. Of course, I have to go to the grocery store now and then for supplies. However, I absolutely refuse to go anywhere else. This definitely includes any local residences or eateries. I know that during the holiday season people insist on meeting at restaurants… But I really hope that these eating establishments have indoor air quality control measures that actually protect their guests. I know that a simple air filter is not going to be able to remove the unfortunate airborne contaminants that everyone is worried about. Using a cheap, standard air filter in your heating or cooling device is not going to adequately remove tiny particles such as viruses. However, restaurants could at least do their best to clean their air ducts and air vents on a regular basis. They could also consider investing in high-quality HEPA air filters instead of purchasing the cheap factory filters. Minimum, every restaurant should be considering the usage of an air purification system with UV light disinfection. If people are going to insist on eating out during the upcoming holiday season, I hope that they are breathing safe and high quality indoor air.

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