Important, positive health effects come from HVAC

For sure, this past year will go down as perhaps one of the most strange that I have yet to experience. The one constant was the stout heat and humidity that our region experiences every single summer. However, it was very different for me to be spending almost all of my time inside the HVAC comfort of my home. It’s certainly not unusual to spend time inside when it is broiling hot outside. Inside the HVAC cooling is really the only place I want to be when it is that hot. However, most of the day I am normally in the perfectly HVAC controlled confines of my office. Well not this year. The pandemic saw to that. This year has been spent primarily inside our home in order to neither catch nor spread the virus. But with all that time inside, I began to think about the air we breathe. Considering that my immune health and my family’s immune health was in the forefront of my mind, air quality was an important topic. I suppose I had never really fully considered the effects that HVAC have on my indoor air quality. Nor did I fully understand the importance of quality indoor air. Once I did just the minimal amount of research, I realized that I could no longer be so cavalier. Indoor air quality is vitally important to our overall and our immune health. The first thing I did was to change the HVAC air filters. We put in HEPA type air filters because they are able to trap and remove over 99 percent of airborne contaminants. The change was immediate as far as how much cleaner the air was. It made all this time inside a bit better on our collective health.
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