Have the time to get a heating tune up

I will admit that I love being loft due to COVID.

I am not a social person by any means.

It used to be discouraging meeting our friends for a drink, running errands and going into the office, because of the virus, I can just be loft all the time with a enjoyable excuse. I love working totally online. I can wear our PJs and save time on our commute. I also have tons of time at loft to do things I wouldn’t normally. I have gotten our beach house entirely clean, did some outside work and I even painted a single of our rooms a new color. I just have the extra time and while I am home, I might as well be productive. I also believe I am going to get a Wintertide heating tune up for once. I never have the time to call a Heating and A/C provider and get a professional in. I also never could match up schedules with a Heating and A/C serviceman. They always wanted to meet while in the workday and I couldn’t. I am totally at loft while in the workday, I can absolutely schedule to have a repairman come in. I want the guy to do everything to our heating plan too. I want it oiled, tightened and lubricated. I also want to get HVAC duct cleaning. I have the money and the guy can stay as long as he wants. There aren’t many people calling for heating maintenance either, so I can get any appointment a afternoon and time that I like. The Heating and A/C provider is also doing a sale on the tune ups too. It is appreciate fate, I am telling you!
a/c worker