They were certainly quite safe to call

Thanks to COVID I have been scared to do stuff the way I normally do, and i used to make a big day of running errands.

  • I would go to the store, drop off bank deposits, get gas plus stop at the local produce stand, and now I can’t do any of that stuff due to restrictions plus social distancing! Thankfully most services are now online based.

I can get our groceries delivered for a small fee. I moved to online banking, don’t need gas anymore plus I have even found a way to mail packages safely… For a while it looked adore I wouldn’t have to come in contact with anyone. Recently our air conditioner decided to act up. It began making loud noises plus threatening to quit on me. I never thought about bringing people into the condo until our air conditioner was dying. I was severely distraught to have a HVAC corporation come in, however what if I get COVID? What if I need the HVAC professional to come back many times plus it is a odd guy each time? The HVAC supplier I found did virtual consultations. I took a video of our cooling component plus sent it to the guy. For no charge he deduced the air conditioner repair. I made the option to take a risk to have the guy perform the service, and since he knew what was wrong, he had the replacement part ready. The guy was also in a full on suit covering all his skin plus I watched him sanitize his tools. The whole repair didn’t even take an third plus he cleaned everywhere he was afterwards. I was so relieved!
a/c serviceman