Who do I ask about cleaning out the ductwork?

I had been wanting to have ductwork cleaned ever since I moved into my home. I wasn’t sure when or if the ductwork had ever been cleaned. The HVAC contractor, who did my inspections prior to my moving in, told me I should have the ductwork cleaned and that I should start considering getting a new furnace for the house. He said the furnace was getting old and it would last me a couple more years, if I was lucky. He said that right now; I was already having my efficiency compromised with the old furnace. I felt that as long as the furnace was working; I would not get rid of it. Now, however, I wanted to get the ductwork cleaned and help to prolong the furnace dying for as long as possible. I knew that if the ductwork were to become clogged, I would have even more problems with my HVAC system. I wasn’t exactly sure who I should call to have the ductwork cleaned. I felt that it made perfect sense to call the HVAC company since the ductwork was part of the HVAC system. I made the phone, and it surprised me to find out I was right. The HVAC company was the right place to call if I wanted the ductwork cleaned and sanitized. I was even more surprised to find that they had a team of HVAC technicians that specialized in cleaning the ductwork. They had an opening for the following day and I quickly accepted. At least I had one thing done to help with the longevity of the furnace.

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