High school reunion time

Last month I went to my high school reunion.

It was a really awesome time and I got to catch up with many classmates from over the years.

It was especially interesting getting to find out what everyone has been up to all these years and what became of their lives. One person really shocked me. We had always thought that he would become a lawyer or something like that. Well, he ended up going into the heating and cooling business. Becoming a certified heating and air conditioning specialist was not exactly what we all expected. But he seemed to be pretty happy being in the heating and air conditioning business. The funny thing was is that he was working for the same heating and cooling company that I actually use for all my air conditioning and heating repair needs! It is a pretty surprising thing that I never had him before as my heat and cooling specialist. I guess the timing was never right on it. Other classmates were pretty shocked as well about the fact of this former classmate becoming a certified heating and air conditioning specialist. I ended up going into business for myself as an independent accountant. So I guess you never know what people are going to do in life no matter how well you believe you may know them. But this classmate becoming a heating and air conditioning specialist was really out of left field. I look forward to the next high school reunion we will have in another 10 years or so.


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