We ended up having to install our own HVAC system in the business building

Getting to where I am in life honestly has been anything but easy. I have been struggling hard, but I have been making things happen. I started my own business from my house, and it started to grow steadily. Eventually, I knew I needed to operate my business from an actual business building, so I was able to invest in a pretty good place, or at least it seemed to be the perfect location. Unfortunately when we started up business in the new building, there were all kinds of issues with the HVAC system and the air quality. I thought it would be easy to have some HVAC professionals come out to repair the HVAC system, but the complication was not as simple as I thought it would be. We kept on experiencing various issues and the air quality was not really improving. I was paying way too much money to try to solve this problem that was not being fixed. I finally became desperate and thought I could just install a ductless mini split in the building. I ordered a couple of multi zone ductless mini splits and I had some friends help me to install these HVAC systems instead of the HVAC professionals. Honestly, it seemed like we did a better job with our work than the actual HVAC professionals. I was just disappointed dealing with the HVAC company and I didn’t want them to cause any new issues with the brand new HVAC system. Now, we are perfectly comfortable in our business building and business is booming!