I was able to become successful while most in my family were not

Most people in my family have not been especially successful.

  • I was able to make the change by going to a good school and becoming HVAC certified.

I worked very hard as an HVAC technician for a few years and then eventually I started my own HVAC business. I had a couple of cousins who decided to get into the HVAC industry as well when they saw how successful I was. When I really started becoming successful with my own HVAC company, I actually offered my cousins a job at my HVAC company if they wanted it. Unfortunately, they said they wanted to go for another HVAC company. I thought it was kind of sad that they refused my offer, but I said the offer would still stand if things didn’t work out at the other HVAC company. I couldn’t believe it when I heard that the other HVAC company didn’t want to hire them. Before even coming to me to take me up on my offer, they still went to other HVAC companies before coming to mine. The funny thing is, the other HVAC companies didn’t hire them either. They finally came to me last to see if I would still hire them. I was feeling a little disappointed that they went to every other HVAC company before coming to me, but I still decided to hire them. I honestly see why the other HVAC companies refused them because they are kind of lacking in their skills and they act unprofessional. I might have to let them go if they don’t get their act together.


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