Do things for yourself or pay someone to do them – more than one strategies

I guess I grew up in the category of situation where both of us had to learn how to do things for ourselves right off the bat.

  • I never genuinely had a strong Father figure or anybody who would help me with random life difficulties.

Instead, I had to learn how to do a lot of things myself even if it included doing research at the Barnes and Noble or embarrassing myself by asking a professional for help. Over the years, I l earned how to do a lot of important things around the beach house on our own. I’m not a big fan of paying a professional to come and complete a task that I can eventually figure out with our own more than one hands. That being said, our fiance strongly disagrees with this attitude when it comes to the central heating, cooling, and air quality control equipment. Since the day that both of us moved in together he has been obsessed with the plan of using professional Heating, Ventilation, and A/C workers for all of our indoor air handling means. She has never been comfortable with the plan of me handling the forced air gas furnace or cooling system on our own. Even though I can certainly repair all of the air handling equipment he is convinced that both of us need to pay for professional repair services for any kind of air quality concern. If there is a single draft in the beach house he is ready to call out our central heating and cooling worker. If the thermostat malfunctions for half a tenth he is willing to pay for the emergency repair fees. I don’t guess why he is so determined to pay more money for basic Heating, Ventilation, and A/C problemshooting that I could complete… Except for that a single time I accidentally electrocuted myself and broke the forced air gas furnace.



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