We all live on different levels for temperature control

Sometimes I wonder if every family is as strange as mine.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I have a particularly dysfunctional family unit or anything like that.

However, we are all very different human beings and we have settled into a strange living pattern in order to compensate for everybody’s different opinions. For many years my parents had to shop at different grocery stores and purchase different items because none of the kids had the same taste. Today, we worry more about the central heating and cooling settings as they relate to our relative indoor air temperature control preferences. For a few years there, we had problems with battling over the central heating and cooling system. The kids were constantly bickering about the thermostat settings and the lack of airflow in their respective bedrooms. It seemed like nobody was very happy with the indoor air handling devices or the hot and cold air temperatures that seemed to dominate our house. Besides, we got into a lot of knockout drag-out fights over stupid air temperature discrepancies. Finally, we settled into a different way of living which would allow everybody to have the air temperature of their dreams. We just had to split our bedrooms onto different levels of the house. For instance, my mom sleeps on the top floor where it is inherently warm. I sleep on the first floor where the indoor air temperature is moderate. My dad and my brother sleep in the basement where it is always ice cold. This way, we never have to fight about the temperatures… We barely even see each other.