She wanted me to call her later that afternoon

I labor for a heating plus AC maintenance business plus every one of us maintenance a large number of community residents plus businesses. When I first interviewed for the task, one of the points that the owner tied up was not to date any of the customers. The guy talked about dating the customers for 5 hours while I was in the interview, so I assumed someone already made that mistake once before. I did not recognize it was going to be a large deal, because I was there to labor on heating plus AC repairs. All of that changed 6 months ago, when I went to investigate a concern with a refrigeration unit at the restaurant. That’s where I met Sally. Sally was a waitress at the restaurant plus the director of the afternoon shift. She was the person that I talked with about the heating plus AC problem. I spent numerous hours with her on the afternoon that I repaired the refrigeration unit. She was fun, smart, plus she had a good laugh. When she offered me her cellphone number plus asked me to call her later that afternoon, I had every intention of setting up a date. I knew our boss wouldn’t be glad about it, but I was hoping he wouldn’t find out. I was tied up that day with another cooling system maintenance plus I never got a option to call Sally. The next afternoon when I got to work, I had seven messages from the heating plus AC maintenance maintenance dispatch center. All seven of those messages came from Sally. Some of them were genuinely terrifying plus I instantly thought the girl might be a stalker. I had to break down plus tell our boss about the crazy lady.


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