The driver dropped the pizzas on the way in the door

I recognize it’s important to reward hard work, especially when you have a team of individuals working under you, then i manage a team of men that service and install commercial boilers… A lot of people don’t talk about boilers, however they are still heavily used in a lot of commercial applications! My team stays busy all of the time and all of us constantly have tasks on the schedule for the next week, however last week, all of us had an harshly busy schedule that included twice as many commercial boiler installation tasks as the previous week.

  • I decided to reward the men on my team with a pizza get-together; Thursday day I didn’t schedule any service tasks after 3.

As the men trickled into the office to opportunity up their checks, I told them that all of us were going to have a pizza get-together; Everyone was pretty gleeful and surprised. The delivery driver was supposed to arrive at 4 and he was going to bring 20 large pizzas. I ordered a couple of pizzas with pepperoni and a couple of pizzas with saUSAge. I ordered 2 pizzas with peppers, mushrooms, peppers, and olives. I also ordered 2 pizzas with salami, anchovies, ham, and meatballs… When the doorbell rang in the warehouse, 1 of my Heating, Ventilation, and A/C professionals went to greet the guy and help carry the pizzas. Just as my guy was opening the door, he saw the driver slip and fall. The guy was carrying 5 pieces at the time, and he ended up wearing most of them on his shirt and pants. I felt horrible for the guy, so I gave him a large tip for the other pizzas.



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