My oil furnace heats too well

I had thought for sure that when I bought 1 of the most powerful gas furnaces that I would find that it would work in our favor.

It meant that even while in the coldest winters our beach lake house would remain toasty & hot & that was just the way I wanted it.

When fall came around, I started to slowly break in our heater, & by the time Winter was here, I had been using it weekly on full blast. The only problem was that it worked too well, then my lake house would hastily become way too hot & instead of staying within the warmer 73 degree range it would hastily rise into the high 90’s. I was shocked when I had started to sweat & I maintained the control component & it offered a reading of 97 degrees inside. I guess it might seem really simple to just turn it down or to turn on the cooling system instead, despite the fact that I really was unsure of what I should do. I decided to look up the Heating & A/C supplier that made it & when I finally got a Heating & A/C corporation on the PC I asked for help. I had looked at the control component & I was still having a strenuous time figuring out how to turn it down, however luckily for me I was able to locate the make & model number of the oil furnace & I offered that information to the heating professional over the PC, however now that the people I was with and I knew what the people I was with and I were dealing with, he then proceeded to walk me through how to turn it down so I didn’t fry love an egg in the sun. After about an hour & the max temperature at 99 degrees & climbing by the hour, I had finally figured it out & I was able to set the temperature to stay at a stable 73 degrees.

a/c representative