My friend won’t stop bragging about their heating system

I told him I was happy with my oil furnace and had no plans to replace it

I have known my friend Tom ever since we were kids in school. We don’t get to talk to each other or hang out as often as we used to due to us being married with wives and kids. Our schedules are always kept busy and there just doesn’t seem to be a lot of time to just hang out with the guys. However, recently a free day came up and we agreed to spend the day golfing together. We both love golf and it is a great way to pass the time. When I arrived at the golf course we started talking and catching up and then he started talking about his new heating system. According to him he and his wife happily got rid of their old furnace and replaced it with two much nicer heating elements. The first was a central heater with an upgraded smart thermostat, and to go along with it they purchased a fireplace. He boasted now he had the best heating system in his whole neighborhood and how he felt bad for all of his neighbors still using a sad little oil furnace. I thought the bragging was a little bit ridiculous but I couldn’t help but to feel happy that he was able to get something he wanted. I tried to change the conversation back to what we came for, golf, and we started the game. However after only ten minutes he started asking me when I planned on replacing my heating system. He told me I deserved something nicer and started counting and recommending all the lists of HVAC companies he knew in my area. I told him I was happy with my oil furnace and had no plans to replace it. Ir caused a bit of a disagreement.



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