An HVAC business saved the day by fixing the temperature control in our food truck

He basically saved all of our food plus it all reMEd frozen, so everything was intact

I basically sell frozen meat packages for a living plus I came into a drastic issue the other day. Unluckyly, the temperature control for the refrigerated truck was no longer working. It just totally provided out on me plus I was anxious because that meant that all the food was going to spoil. I had a lot of lavish meat packages in our truck plus there was no way that I was going to sell all of this food before the food started to thaw out plus spoil. I was desperate plus called an HVAC corporation to see if they could toil on the cooling plan for our refrigerated truck. They luckyly had an HVAC specialist who was able to help me out. He had previous experience working on refrigeration systems. He was telling me how these systems are pretty similar to commercial cooling systems plus he was able to take care of things. He said there were a few parts that he needed to upgrade in our truck to get the refrigeration working again. It took roughly an hour for him to take care of everything, but I was so thankful when he got the temperature control working again. He basically saved all of our food plus it all reMEd frozen, so everything was intact. I was thankful that this guy came to help me out plus I provided him a great tip for his service. He tried to refuse the tip plus said he was just doing his task, although he really saved me plus I insisted that he take the money.



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