Handmade wood furniture is the best

I love things that are made out of wood.

It is so difficult to find furniture made out of pure wood rather than cheap press board. I used to contact the Amish to make me wooden chairs, tables and dressers. The problem was it took them so long to create a piece. Also, no matter what, there was always something messed up. The table would be a little small, the chair legs uneven or my garbage can didn’t open smoothly. Also, contacting the Amish meant I had to go through a handler and I never could get my wants across to the middle man. I finally started looking around online for someone who could do handmade furniture. I finally found a custom furniture builder that said he could make me cherry furniture for the bedroom and oak furniture for my kitchen. I got all brand new pieces. The bedroom furniture was two dressers and my kitchen table and chairs were made again. This custom furniture maker was extremely easy to get in touch with. I could call, text or email if I wanted. If I wanted to add another piece or make changes, he was okay to do so. The price point was extremely clear and I got constant updates on his progress. The finished wood furniture is just amazing too. Every piece is crafted so well. The dimensions are perfect, the wood looks so smooth and I can tell how well it is made. I know I am going to keep these pieces forever. I am hoping to get more furniture out of him.
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