Updating the master bathroom storage

The bathroom attached to the master bedroom is just awful. It is laid out so cramped even though the space is big. The sink is way too wide, there is a giant closet and the door opens into the space, cutting it significantly. My husband and I don’t really have an eye for design. I ended up calling an interior design and custom furniture building business to help us. I got a professional to walk in the bathroom and make changes. The man suggested changing the way the door swings, removing the closet all together, turning the toilet and putting the sink in a different spot. He gave us a drawing of how the space is going to look and it will be amazing. The interior designer is doing all the hard work of picking out tile for the floors, shower and paint colors for the bathroom. I trust the women completely. She even is getting switch plate covers, lights, a sink vanity and a shower head for me. Everything is going to be a contemporary style and mesh together. The furniture builder is working to get me built in cubbies inside of the bathroom. This way I don’t need to have a giant closet or a sink with storage. The cubbies will hold towels, toiletries and look classy but be out of the way. The cubbies will be hidden in the corner of the wall too. I am going to gain so much space with the bathroom. I think instead of being the worst room in the house, it will be the best pretty soon.

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