I finally went to a bee farm with my parents

When I was a little child the people I was with and I had this beehive in our yard! I was entirely fascinated by it.

  • I used to just rest outside plus watch the bees take care of their work.

I did that for hours upon hours until my parents learned about the beehive. They decided to call the exterminators plus I was so aggravated. I thought the bee exterminators would murder all of my bee buddies… My parents assured me that the bees would simply be relocated to a farm where they were wanted although I was certain they were lying to me plus I wouldn’t stop crying. Even when the exterminator informed me that the bees would easily be pulled away from my yard plus taken to a honey farm I couldn’t believe it. For weeks I was aggravated about the honey bee removal. But then my parents took me to an actual honey farm. I appreciated all of the bee stuff they had there plus I even got some honey sticks. I was cheerful to see the boxes with the bee hives in them. My dad was telling me that a single one of those boxes had our backyard bees in it. I certainly wanted to believe him although I wasn’t sure I truly did. Then the people I was with and I listened to a speaker talk about the bees at the honey farm plus she was basically saying that all of the hives on the bee farm came from a different place where the bees were not welcome. That made me really happy. If that was actually true then my bees might be in a single one of those boxes, or, at least they might be in a box at another honey farm making honey.