I wasn’t sure if the bees were relocated to a good place at first

When I was a little youngster we had this beehive in our yard.

  • I was completely fascinated by it.

I used to just relax outside and watch the bees work. I did that for a number of hours until my parents discovered the beehive. Then they reached out to the exterminators and I was so upset. I thought the bee exterminators would murder all of my wonderful bee friends, however my parents assured me that the bees would just be rehomed to a farm where they were wanted however I was positive they were lying to me and I couldn’t stop crying. Even when the exterminator told me that the bees would simply be removed from our yard and taken to a honey farm I didn’t actually believe it… For weeks I was upset about the honey bee removal, however then my parents took me to a honey farm. I enjoyed all of the bee stuff they had there and I even got some honey sticks. I was absolutely blissful to see the boxes with the bee hives in them. My mother told me that one of those boxes had our backyard bees in it. I honestly wanted to believe her however I wasn’t sure I did. Then we listened to a speaker talk about the bees at the honey farm and he was saying that every one of the hives on the bee farm came from a peculiar dwelling where the bees were not welcome. That made me blissful. If that was the case then our bees might actually be in one of those boxes. Or, at least they might be in a box at another place making honey in a honey farm.


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