Fence to hide the neighbor

When my husband and I first moved into our house, the property next door was vacant.

The place had obviously been abandoned for quite some time.

The roof was caving in and the lawn was terribly overgrown. We really didn’t mind. We like our privacy and enjoy the quiet. For three years, we had no neighbors. A little over two years ago, a for sale sign showed up in front of the house next door. Lots of people came to look at the property, but it was such a mess that no one wanted it. My husband and I considered buying it just to have more lawn but the asking price was way too high. We were hopeful that we’d never get neighbors. Unfortunately, someone bought the place. The first thing the guy did was start clearing away all the vegetation between the two houses. He cut down trees, pulled out the vines and cut down the weeds. He completely exposed the property line so that we could see his house and he could see ours. We don’t want to look at his crappy house. I immediately contacted a professional fencing company. I was delighted that they were willing to send a guy out to provide an estimate that same day. I explained the situation and he recommended a six-foot tall privacy fence. We really didn’t care how much it cost. We just wanted the fence built as quickly as possible. The fencing company sent a crew of guys and the fence was completed in a single afternoon. We now have a wood fence that completely obscures our view of the neighbor. We are totally private and way more secure.

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