Washing cars is a terribly boring task

A very long time previously, I didn’t have much of a stable test and I was forced to scrub cars for extra money.

I usually had a buddy that would hold up some signs for these vehicle places or some of my friends would give me a place to be a vehicle washer.

It was a great way for each of us to cut the profits down the middle. We each had our vehicle washes to be cheap and it was absolutely easy for us in a scheduled area to receive 50 cars during the day. Both of us ended up to make a nice profit. Vehicle washing wasn’t exactly the greatest fun and my friends and I tried our best to make it a fun time. We often through some sponges at each other while trying to wash down the cars. Everyone of us had an overall fun summer even if we were outside during every single day of the hot summer. It was so warm and humid that I can remember touching sides of the vehicle + burning myself. It was also difficult to walk in bare feet due to the blistering hot sidewalk. Sunscreen was regularly one of my friends. After spending all day service in cars, there was nothing better than going back to my apartment to rest on the large couch directly under a cooling fan vent. Sometimes I even turned the air conditioner down by 5 degrees so I could feel an hour of cool air without having to get up and adjust the thermostat. It took a while before the air conditioner made me feel normal again.
a/c serviceman