The whole event was miserable from heat

My community does gray and there are many activities where other people and communities will hold the largest events or holidays and other items.

My number one time is during a annual summer event.

They had to choose a hot day and then we were forced to have some large fans that needed to blast all of the people. There were chilly drinks and a large open pool, and they were planning to have some concerts and even a mini bar with cool activities. One of my number one favorite Parts is the food and it seems there is a big Feast for people to attend the area. I was actually looking quite forward to hearing and also seeing some of the plane engine sounds during the year. The Summer Event date was seemingly announced and I was there to arrive early plus noticed something quite instantly. I didn’t see any of the loud fans but I looked around to see nothing I could spot. I continued on for a while and it seemed my conclusion was to realize that they did not have any cooling plans. Things wouldn’t have been extremely bad but there was not an air conditioner or anything to help. Once all of the people were packed into the event, separate from Air Conditioning everyone was starting to become miserable. We were all packed into the building like sardines in a lot of people were complaining about the lack of cool air. It was miserable plus I had to make a choice to leave my favorite event early.


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