Humidity is important for plant life

My home needs high humidity do to the multiple potted plants that require says high humidity.

I could keep some plants Outdoors where humidity is actually a, but I prefer the look of plants inside the place.

I suppose it personally makes me feel the home looks better. The only real drawback is the amount of humidity in my home which needs to be at 75%. That is actually high for a home. After some time, I begin to feel bothered by the constant humidity and it was having serious effects on my own house. I had to make a place inside of the house for my own personal getaway. I wasn’t going to keep any of the high humidity plants so the reduction of humanity would not be a problem. What I had to do was cut a mini ductless cooling plan. Cooling units remove lots of humidity and I knew that I could use a central air conditioner but it would also affect the plants it. The mini transferable cooling machine was directly inside of my room plus the humidity is much lower and I don’t have to worry about whether or not it will affect the plants. The cooling machine even has a dehumidify function, though I rarely use it. I love to get away to the room and it seems that the plan is working so far, because both my self and the plants are thriving. I also want to be consistently affected by the humid temperatures. The best thing I could do is get a greenhouse

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