Not replacing the entire furnace, just getting mini split

I feel care about I have to justify all of my decisions to my family periodically; Everybody that I grew up with is drastically judgemental & opinionated.

They seem to suppose that they know the right way to do things, in regards to every single thing that you can imagine.

I am sorry, however I just do not suppose that any 1 human can be an infinite well of infallible expertise. I am pretty sure that everybody has skills & faces of expertise that are certain to them. Besides that, opinions do not constitute facts. This is something that I am consistently having to remind myself as my family tells me over & over again that I am making an idiotic decision by refusing to have my central heating, cooling, & air quality control unit repaired or replaced, but for the past 10 years I have been operating an unreliable forced air furnace that has caused me a lot of problems. I’ve never known if I would have access to efficient heating on any given day. There have been a lot of warm & cold patches throughout my entire house… Now, the furnace is finally cutting down & I do not plan to have it repaired or replaced with another central heating device… Of course, this does not sit well with my family who suppose that they know everything about indoor air temperature control. They keep telling me that without a central heating furnace I am going to perish this winter. Instead, I intend to purchase a mini split ductless heating & cooling plan so I can control the temperature in the only room that I really use. I know they suppose that they are smarter than everybody… But my energy bills will prove my point.