I don’t think that you can get worse than that

I don’t think that things can get worse than they currently are.

I know that I still have the ability to rise up from this, but I know that things are going to be very difficult from here on out.

There is a good chance that I am going to struggle to find a job with a new HVAC company after this. Literally, I don’t know how my dad could get any worse. First of all, I woke up to a broken furnace. Now, I am an HVAC technician, so having a broken furnace is not a big deal. I called my boss to ask him if I could come in late after I checked out my furnace, and my boss absolutely refused to let me do that. My boss and I haven’t been getting along lately, and I was afraid that not going into work today was going to jeopardize my job at the HVAC company. Honestly, I shouldn’t have worried about that. When I went into work, I could tell that the owner of the HVAC company was already upset. He was being short with me the entire time, but I tried to ignore it. Apparently, I got on his nerves because he assigned me to one of the worst jobs that you can do. I had to fix a furnace in an attic filled with insulation. This attic did not have enough space, and I was amazed that they even decided to put a furnace there. However, while I was trying to fix the furnace, I stepped in the wrong place and fell through the ceiling. Not only did I break my leg, but the owner of the HVAC company also fired me. Now, I have to find a new job, and if other HVAC companies hear about this, that is going to be difficult. The worst part is that my water pipes were frozen when I got home too.

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