My dad was an HVAC technician

My dad used to be an HVAC technician before he died.

  • My dad absolutely loved his job as an HVAC technician.

He used to tell me that he dreamed about becoming an HVAC technician even when he was just a little boy. He worked as hard as he could to learn as much as possible about HVAC units when he was a kid, and when he finally graduated from high school, he immediately began training as an HVAC technician. While he was training, he was drafted into the military, but he still dreamed of becoming an HVAC technician. He fought for his country, but when the war was over and he returned, he immediately resumed his training as an HVAC technician. For my dad, working as an HVAC technician wasn’t a job. My dad loved working on HVAC units. I think that my dad would have paid the HVAC company to let him work on HVAC units. Even when my dad got home, he would start tinkering with our HVAC units. I couldn’t believe his dedication. However, I was glad that my dad never tried to force me to become an HVAC technician. We talked about it, but I eventually decided that becoming an HVAC technician wasn’t right for me, and he was totally fine with that. He loved it. Even after my dad retired, he would always work on HVAC units. I don’t think that I ever had to call an HVAC technician before he died because if he found out that my HVAC unit was broken, he would be at my house immediately. My dad recently passed away, and I know how much the HVAC company meant to him. I hope that I can find a job that I love as much as he loved his job as an HVAC technician.
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