He has the best fitness gear

I love dog sitting for my brother.

My brother makes a lot more money than me so his house is totally awesome.

He has multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. He has a state of the art HVAC system, swimming pool and all kinds of fitness equipment. When I am at my brother’s I treat it like I was staying at an airbnb. I only have to walk, play and care for his dog rather than pay. Other than that, I use all the amenities offered. I like starting my day running on his very cool treadmill. His treadmill doesn’t have dials or buttons. You simply hop on and run. If you lean forward, the belt speeds up naturally. Lean back and the belt slows down for you. This type of machine always makes me run a little harder than I would naturally. After my intense run I can cool off in his swimming pool by doing a few laps. I then spend my day playing with the dog, eating fancy food and taking dips in the pool. One time I stayed at my brother’s place for almost two weeks. I feel like I lost five pounds during that stay. I spent the day basically doing two workouts and never sitting down. Someday I would like to have the kind of money where I could have a home gym or at least a swimming pool. When you have no fitness gear, it is quite hard to work out. I basically have to go for a run or do crunches on the ground for a work out.



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