Recovery after gymnastics

I used to do college gymnastics.

I was on the team for a while and I always had an injury.

Working through an injury was just a part of the sport. After I graduated and stopped tumbling regularly, I expected everything to heal up nicely. I have noticed that some of my injuries just don’t go away. I have a left knee that is always kind of sore. I can’t kneel on it or I am in pain. I have trouble squatting for periods of time or sitting with my legs in tight. I also have an issue with my shoulder occasionally. I can still move around and go about my life. Sometimes in a workout I find there are things I can’t do. Doing squats or lunges just was not for me anymore. I recently found a core progression near me that does health and recovery programs. The recovery programs are for people with injuries that need help working out. I figured I didn’t really qualify since I can go about my day quite easily, but I still gave it a try. Most of the people in my class are older folks trying to gain muscle, balance and stamina back. There are a few people who were in bad car accidents that have daily pain. I am one of the only sports related injury people. It doesn’t seem to matter though, the personal trainer running the class is great at making everyone feel welcome. He has given me exercises to not irritate my knee, but build muscles in my legs. He helps me stretch out my shoulders to where I don’t experience much pain.



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