HVAC technology new addition is most welcome

My wife still gets a kick out of the fact that I will follow a sale across town to save a few dollars or that I’m always handy with a coupon. We have been very fortunate to have made very nice livings. But when you grow up poor like I did, you don’t forget. So it’s not all champagne and HVAC cooling for me when the days get hot. No, I’m still always on the lookout to save money anywhere and any way that I can. So HVAC cooling during the summer is high on my list of savings opportunities. And where we live, the biggest expense when it comes to HVAC utility costs is the summer. For me, I’ve always made sure the house was prepared to hold the HVAC cooling in and keep the heat out. And I’ve always been the sort who believes in thermostat discipline. We keep our house in the low 80’s during the summer heat. So, I learned how to program our digital thermostat and have been very keen on making sure that it stays where it needs to be. Well, after years of consideration, I decided to give the smart thermostat a try. While I had heard all the great reviews when it came to the effectiveness of the smart thermostat, I wasn’t convinced it could match my efforts. That’s some real hubris on my part as the smart thermostat was indeed better than I am on my best day when it comes to monitoring the HVAC. The very first month it was installed, I was hands off totally. And the smart thermostat bested my savings by nearly 15 percent.

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