We prevented a problem at the last second

I suppose my spouse is just so thrilled to be outside all year that he occasionally gets lost in all his outside activities.

The fact that the two of us moved to the south for retirement has allowed my spouse to follow a passion of hers to the utmost.

It’s beautiful to see him so motivated to do his thing outside on our property. Along with all the HVAC cooling, the two of us also had to adjust to the fact that the two of us could be outside basically all year. The worst the Winter time has to offer here involves basically donning a sweatshirt. The heat pump will really occasionally kick on in order to knock the chill off the afternoon. But other than that, it’s all yellow lights when it comes to outside activities. I really take advantage of this, along with my spouse, for about 8 months out of the year. But unlike my spouse, I lay out the peak heating minutes of the afternoon in the summer. I tend to stay inside the HVAC cooling or in the pool if I’m outside. Not my spouse. He just keeps going for it with all his landscaping and gardening on the property. Granted, he’s safe about it making sure he stays hydrated. But occasionally, I still suppose all that sunlight and heat get to him. A recent example had to do with the HVAC equipment. My spouse was weeding the bed close to the HVAC cabinet next to the house. He inadvertently threw his weeding tarp over the HVAC cabinet while it was running. Fortunately, I walked outside to bring him more water and caught it. Otherwise, that could have ended up entirely damaging the HVAC equipment.


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