He quit the couples fitness class

I have been trying to get my boyfriend to go back to the gym

My boyfriend Greg and I decided that we were going to do a couple fitness class at the core progression gym. It was us and six other couples to one personal trainer. All the fitness activities required partner work. We would do weightlifting with battle ropes, medicine balls and weighted poles. I would push Greg’s feet down when we did leg lifts for abs. He would encourage me to do more push ups. Three days a week, for an hour was our fitness class times. Greg has now stopped coming to class. He complained about being sore, too busy and not seeing a difference in his body. I still go to core progression, but I had to take a different class because I lost my partner. I do a group physical training class and I love it. When you start working out, nobody really enjoys it. I was sore, tired and not seeing results. You need to push through that initial hurdle to then see benefits. I have been working out long enough that I am finally seeing progress. I have lost around ten pounds of belly fat but gained lots of muscle. My legs and arms look totally different. I feel so much more energized and happy about myself. I have been trying to get my boyfriend to go back to the gym. I think he needs to find a class geared towards men and stick with it. I want him to feel as good as I do. It is going to be hard to motivate him to try again though.

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