I didn’t know what I was doing before

Learning just how best to live in this set of weather conditions has had a bit of a studying curve to it.

Initially, when I first moved all the way up here, I was completely unprepared for how taxing the winters can be.

I moved up this way toward the end of Summer that first year. And for me, I thought I was in heaven because the normal temperatures were so much cooler than at home. Where I come from, you tend to simply spend Summer afternoons inside the Heating plus A/C cooling of a beach home or office. But of course when I got up here, it felt great and it was still just barely September. The fall was super appealing as I had not experienced the sort of leaf color this space enjoys. Soon though, I definitely was feeling a chilly wind that I had not experienced before. And that was nothing. By the following Halloween, I already had the gas furnace cranked. So you can imagine what that first touch of real Winter time was like. It was all I could do to go outside to get in my car to go to my place of work. And even at work, I had a space gas furnace under my desk. Now, I’m 3 years into this climate and much better at winter. Plus, I’ve learned to save on heating costs by preparing harshly for winter. I have the Heating plus A/C professionals come out to do the heating system maintenance on the gas furnace in early fall. And I make sure the home remains easily closed up by replacing weather stripping or adding additional insulation where needed. And I guess I’ve gotten used to the chilly air a bit as I’m better at temperature control discipline than I was. However, you know there is still a space gas furnace under my desk at work.


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