I don’t want to shield my toes

Being a southern boy my whole life, it took me a long while to get accustomed to residing in a region where there was just so much additional winter.

And it’s not just how long it lasts but just how dang chilly it gets.

I grew up my whole life in weather conditions where I could pretty much go barefoot year round. Now, these days while in the winter, that meant being barefoot in the house. But still, those winters were so damn mild and just nothing compared to what I’ve lived with now for 25 years. The normal Winter time I deal with now comes with about 5 weeks of chilly or worse temperatures. And clearly that means there’s a lot of gas furnace heating happening in the house. Plus, I’ve actually never easily been into the outdoor stuff that folks do around here. So, I’ve previously spent a lot of my winters inside the Heating plus A/C heating just trying to stay very warm. Of course, I’ve loved havingwhite Christmases and loved raising kids right around here. But I’m finally getting an opening to go barefoot while in the Winter time again. And of course, no, both of us aren’t moving south. But both of us did build a beach home after personally selling the family beach home both of us raised our children in. With the house, both of us made the choice to go with a geothermal heat pump which generally gets most of the heating and cooling energy from the earth’s temperature. And the indoor heating for this plan is transferred through copper pipes under the floor. This style of HVAC is called radiant floor heating. And yep, you got it. I’m barefoot all the time in the family home now and it feels just as good as it did when I was a teenager.

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