The maintenance you need

It’s nearly Thanksgiving and I haven’t heard a single heat pump going yet for a couple of weeks now.

That’s about par for the course where both of us live.

The indoor air conditioner or Heating plus A/C cooling is on for the better space of the year. Now only about several of those weeks require the Heating plus A/C cooling running all evening and day. The rest of the time, the Heating plus A/C cooling is on but the overall kilowatt is reduced from the sort of Summer load that is put on the Heating plus A/C unit. So of course this time of year, it’s easily nice to sit back knowing that both of us are in for a bunch of upcoming savings on Heating plus A/C utility costs over the coming weeks. Additionally, I sincerely adore to sit back this time of year and revel in the amount of currency I saved big on Heating plus A/C cooling over the past summer. While this wasn’t a record breaker for me personally, it was in the top more than four. Growing up in this area, you learn early on that constantly spending too much on Heating plus A/C cooling just isn’t necessary. By simply keeping a very slim home and stopping direct sunlight heating, there is large currency to be saved. Now that means of course, the biggest factor in saving all that coin is the temperature control setting. During the difficult summer, both of us keep our temperature control right around the lower 80’s for energy saving. But when it’s a hundred degrees outside, that temperature control setting feels cooling. And it saves just so much currency on Heating plus A/C cooling costs. Around here, summer heat is bad but paying too much for Heating plus A/C cooling isn’t.

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