The thermostat was ready to go

It’s sort of unusual having my kid come back to the beach home from school.

This is the second year he’s been away at school but it’s still sort of difficult and odd for me.

Perhaps that comes with just having 1 child. When they go off to start their own adult lives, the home is easily quiet. Like, I can hear the Heating plus A/C equipment continually turning off and on no problem. It’s that sort of quiet. Not that my kid was loud really. It’s just a lot different. So when he’s home, I just revel in the feeling and like his presence. During a more recent visit last Spring, my child laid some expertise on me that ended up being quite financially beneficial to our home. The people I was with and I were talking about the unfortunately dire upcoming Summer and facing the heat again. Our region is fairly notorious for the local heat both of us see in the summer. And there is plenty of Heating plus A/C cooling to easily offset that heat of summer. The people I was with and I were discussing that fact and the utility costs of Heating plus A/C when he mentioned that I should consider going out and putting in a smart temperature control. This was not the first time someone had previously recommended that a smart temperature control was a great idea. Yet, I was always sort of generally disinterested since I had gone to the trouble of studying to program our old digital temperature control. But the more my child talked about the benefits of smart temperature control, the more it made sense. So I had 1 put in prior to the start of our upcoming Summer by the Heating plus A/C business. And wow, my kid did me such a solid. I can’t believe all the cost saving measures I always put in locale during the summer.

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