I didn’t realize it would be like this

I’m a plotter and a planner.

Getting into the tiny details of things prior to pulling the trigger on a large decision is just sort of my natural forte. This comes from far too numerous instances where I have made choices based on a gut feeling or someone else’s recommendation. So when it came to replacing the whole Heating plus A/C, I wanted to be sure that all the angles were covered prior to writing the massive check. And the Heating plus A/C professionals at the Heating plus A/C company we’ve always had were more than accommodating. I met with the Heating plus A/C company several additional times and even once at our house. He did a thorough inspection to check to be entirely sure that there was nothing that would be a surprise. The ductwork was evaluated easily and he did all the measurements again to ensure both of us were getting the right type Heating plus A/C unit. From there, he easily listened to my husbandy and I as both of us carefully explained what both of us were looking for when it came to quality heating and air. He finally gave us several options and I dove into all the details of those Heating plus A/C options. Whenever my husbandy and I were pleased with our choice, both of us paid for the Heating plus A/C equipment and got it installed. But I did end up getting a surprise after that with the current Heating plus A/C equipment. The cost of using the current Heating plus A/C somehow is far less than the ancient Heating plus A/C unit. And I hadn’t accounted for those details. That’s the sort of surprise that I like.


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