The importance of stretching

How many people have gone on a realy vigorous run and immediately plopped down in a chair afterwards? It is so tempting to just sit down after running for an hour. Don’t ever do that! The reason is that you need to stretch right after a run or any work out really. Stretching for an athlete is key. Before the workout you get the muscles loose and ready to work hard. Failing to properly stretch will result in injuries. After the work out might be more important though. Your body is warm, loose and ready to stretch. Just sitting down allows the muscles to tighten up and recovery after a workout is much larger and more difficult. Expect more pain and sore muscles if you forgo a stretch. Stretching can also reduce inflammation in the muscles. Those who suffer from depression and diabetes have seen positive results with regular daily stretching. Women with breast cancer that stretch during yoga have seen improvements in their day to day life. A good stretch really releases the strain and tension in the body as well. Most people remake on feeling much more energetic and happy after stretching out those muscles. It even improves your posture and flexibility by doing regular stretches. All animals immediately stretch upon waking, except for us. Why is that? We should make a stretch a part of our day to day lives. Senior citizens, desk job workers and high stress occupations are people who really should make it a point to stretch at least once a day.

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