I am still running the marathon

My sister gets into the weirdest things.

Every now and then she decides she has to do something and works at it all engines a go for about a month. She has many failed businesses like a photography studio, a kiln and tons of half finished candles. A new thing my sister decided to do was run a marathon. She even got me to sign up with her. The idea was that the two of us were going to attend the core progression gym near us and work out. We were going to get marathon ready and have good times. Her and I started out strong, three days a week with a certified fitness expert. My sister even pushed for us to do nutritional counseling and get a health program to further get in shape. For around two months the two of us were working out good. I have lost tons of weight, toned up my stomach and my arms. Figures that right now my sister has stopped coming to the gym. She doesn’t want to do the marathon anymore or attend fitness classes. I look so good that I have refused to quit with her. I am still attending my class three days a week and I even paid for a private session with the personal trainer. All my fitness exercises are geared towards being marathon ready. The fitness expert has me running, stretching and working on my stamina. All this work should lead to something. I think I am going to run the marathon anyway. I just now am going to run it alone.


Personal Trainer