The emergency HVAC repair was simple, fast, and surprisingly cheap

I was very nervous when my family members chose me to host the holiday party this year. I tried to think about everything we needed to make the house accommodating for all our guests. We had everything cleaned in the house and we even bought HEPA filters for improved air quality. I thought that we would have no issues, and for the most part, everybody was having a great time. That was until the middle of our holiday dinner when the heating system quit working. I rushed to find an HVAC company that was open. My father said there was no way I would find an HVAC company that would come out unless I was willing to pay for emergency prices. I said I would have no choice. I actually found this particular emergency HVAC company that had surprisingly low prices. They were up front about the costs and what it would cost per hour to service the HVAC system and they were open 24/7. So I called these guys and they eased my anxiety and told me they had a professional coming out right away. They actually had a guy in the area and he was there within 10 minutes. My father couldn’t believe it, and everybody else was stunned as well. This HVAC professional was amazing and he showed me that it wasn’t such a huge issue, but I can’t use HEPA filters in this HVAC system. He said the HEPA filters were too dense and needed a more powerful HVAC. He said it was a good thing I wasn’t using it for long because it could have caused greater concerns, but basically the heating system overheated because of the HEPA filter. The guy was so nice and only charged me for the service call which was only $80!

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