I had to see the energy savings for myself

When I first got a smart thermostat, I was trying to figure out how to use the thing.

  • Adjusting the temperature control settings were easy enough, but all the settings were rather advanced.

When the smart app was asking my permission to access my location, I wondered why I would want it to know that. Then I read in the manual that in order to use the geofencing feature, I would have to communicate my location to the thermostat. I learned that with this feature, I could set up a geofence around my property so whenever I left the area, the HVAC system would know to go to minimal settings to save energy. I thought about it and figured that I might as well use an advanced feature like that in order to save money, so I did. It was surprisingly easy to do. Then I put my thermostat on learning mode so that it would know what temperature control setting preferences I preferred at different times of the day. It wasn’t before long when my smart thermostat was adjusting the temperature control settings just the way I liked, especially during the night hours when I prefer having the A/C cranked up a little bit until I fall asleep. Then the HVAC knows when I’m asleep after a few hours to go back to energy saving settings and it’s a beautiful thing. I have already saved so much money using this smart thermostat. I’ll admit, when I first heard I could save as much as 15% on my energy bills, I was skeptical, but I am actually saving more than that!

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