I learned that my neighbor was on an HVAC service plan

Everytime I would see an HVAC van pull up to our neighbor’s house, I would tell my wife the neighbors were getting HVAC services again. This was strange to me because I thought these people must have been paying a small fortune on their HVAC system maintenance. I would only call for HVAC services twice per year and I wondered what the big deal was. The neighbors had an HVAC service van come out at least every quarter of the year. Well, I finally got into a conversation with my neighbor. I caught him when he got back home from work one day. I casually talked to him about the football game the previous night and we had some laughs about that. Then I asked him about his HVAC services as I had noticed the HVAC van always pulling into his driveway. He laughed and said he was on an HVAC service plan. He said it was the best move he had ever made too. He was saving a huge amount of money for all the service he was getting. He said the HVAC professionals provide the two yearly tune-ups and they change the air filters regularly with HEPA filters. They also make sure the ductwork is clean and the inner workings of the HVAC system is clean. They clean the outdoor A/C unit and everything. Well, I was shocked when he said how much he was paying for all of that, and I realized that I had to get on an HVAC service plan too! He said I should mention him if I enrolled because he would get a referral and get free HEPA filters!

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