People often have to learn the hard way in life

A lot of the time, people just have to learn the hard way.

I’ve had many situations where I messed up badly in life.

When I had my first car for example, I didn’t change the oil when I should have. My father warned me to get that oil changed but I just kept driving and put it off until my engine locked up. I guess being so young and foolish, I had to learn the hard way. It was disappointing too because the A/C felt so nice in my car when driving around. I had to take the bus everywhere for a long time after that. I also would get rides with friends from time to time and I always appreciated the climate control in their cars too. I told them that I would drive us around places when I got another ride. I saved up all my money until I was able to afford a nice car at the auto auction. This time, I inspected all the cars before the auction and started them up to make sure they were running. I also made sure to check the oil and brake fluid levels. I didn’t want to have any issues with my new vehicle, and I found just the one I wanted. Unfortunately, somebody else wanted that car too but I won the auction on it! The car is so nice, it even has heating built into the seats! I never had a car with heated seats before and it kind of reminds me of heated floors. A friend of mine has radiant heated floors and everybody prefers hanging at his house especially in the winter.


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