Buddy got into a bad car accident

I was quite disappointed when I heard my buddy was in an accident.

Fortunately, he had a lot of people in the area who were able to help him out when he went to the hospital. He said his car was completely totaled and it was a shame because he just had his heating and cooling systems worked on and he had the ideal temperature control settings. I thought maybe he got into an accident because he was adjusting the temperature control settings on the road, but he said he was just being a little bit careless when merging onto a main road. It sounded really bad. Well, usually my buddy hosts our fantasy contests, but he wasn’t hosting this time because he was in the hospital. I called him up to see if he was alright in the hospital. He told me that the temperature control settings were too cold. He said he thought they had the A/C system on in his room while it was snowing outside. I thought that seemed odd, but I realized that some hospitals have a policy to turn on the A/C system to slow the spread of germs. I told my friend that I probably would have lost the fantasy contest anyway even though he wasn’t hosting it. I played some other contests and I was losing miserably. It’s crazy too because the last couple of weeks, I have been on fire, but I guess I fell off my winning streak and hard. Still, I look forward to when my buddy gets out of the hospital and he can get back to living normal again.

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