The entire house feels cleaner thanks to ductwork cleaning

I have heard the radio ads while I’m in the car.

The coupons from the HVAC company also arrive at our home periodically as well.

But the idea of ductwork cleaning and ductwork resealing just never really registered with me. This was partially due to a false sense of confidence on my part. I’m a bit of a clean freak and I’m always on schedule with my cleaning when it comes to the house. The rest of the family also pitches in so we live in a very neat, organized and very clean house. So in my mind, I somehow equated that with not needing ductwork cleaning. Don’t ask me why I connected one with the other but somehow it seemed logical. That all changed one day when I started looking at the ceiling. We have HVAC air duct vents in the ceiling that I rarely, if ever, notice. What I spied one day seemed to be some sort of mild discoloration on the ceiling right near the HVAC air duct vent. On closer inspection, I found that it was indeed discolored due to dust and dirt coming out of the ductwork. So much for a super clean house equals clean ductwork. Immediately, I called the HVAC and set up an appointment to get ductwork cleaning and ductwork resealing done. The HVAC professionals were great and did a fantastic job of making sure they didn’t mess up the house. But man, did they ever do a thorough job of ductwork cleaning. It’s like the house is even cleaner than it’s ever been after the ductwork cleaning.


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