If it’s Christmas, I’m replacing the HVAC air filters a lot

It’s been my goal for a lot of years to have my Christmas shopping completed by the first of December.

And I hit that goal once again this year.

This is a coup for me really. Before I made the goal of December 1 for holiday shopping, I tended to stick to the HVAC comfort of home and do a bunch of last minute shopping. This was a bad plan on a number of levels. First, last minute shopping is insane. The crowds are the worst and the selection isn’t much better. Plus, I end up not getting the presents people actually wanted for Christmas. It’s a lose, lose proposition. These days, I can do much of my shopping from home while the gas furnace keeps me toasty warm with all that HVAC heating. Doing without all this holiday stress has really made the holiday season so much more appealing. I always celebrate hitting my December 1 goal with one more quick shopping stop. The big box hardware store is the location and I’m usually the only one in there that doesn’t look stressed out. I grab a case of HVAC air filters and head for self checkout. A case of HVAC air filters is what I need for the holiday season because we burn so many candles during this period. All of that burnt candle wax ends up going right to the HVAC return. That’s where the wax hits the air filter and ends up just coating the thing. Without changing the air filter almost weekly, the HVAC equipment might get choked out.

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