Looking forward to spring now that we have air purification

It’s really nice to be going into the winter around here. There’s a large part of the country where that is not the case. So many people are bracing for what could be a very expensive winter. HVAC heating costs are supposed to be some of the highest in recent years. I hate that for my neighbors to the north. For us, this is the time of year we sort of dream about during the heat and humidity of the summer months. I can remember thinking that once we get to November and December, I’ll be in that perfect temperature window. So that’s where we sit now and it’s nice to not hear the heat pump kicking on all the time with the HVAC cooling. Now, the heat pump might be required for a few brief periods of heating over the winter but that’s about it. And then, we’ll be motoring toward spring which had been a bit of a problem for me. I get really banged about from tree and grass pollen so I haven’t exactly looked forward to the spring. But not this year. We just had a whole house air purification system installed in our home. This will make the inside of my house a pollen free zone during the spring which will help my situation tremendously. While I’ll still need to load up on OTC stuff for when I’m outside, at least I’ll have an allergy sanctuary inside my home. The whole home air purification system will see to that.

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