HVAC maintenance too essential to cut from budget

Seems like every decade or so, things go haywire with the economy and I end up having to get really, really serious about my spending.

Every time one of these downturns in the economy happens, I do all I can to not rely on savings to make up the difference.

Honestly, I’ve been able to do that thus far with cuts to my household budget. It’s not always pleasant but it’s better than simply sitting around in the air conditioning like nothing is happening. Pretending things aren’t what they are is not really any sort of solution. But speaking of air conditioning, the pandemic hit and I had to spend a lot of time in the safety of the HVAC in our home. I worked from the air conditioning every day and for a while, I just didn’t leave home very much. The remote working from the air conditioning at home also came with a pay cut. Accordingly, I made sure that I amended my budget. I belong to the HVAC service plan provided by the HVAC company in my town. As I was going over the budget, I looked at what I was spending on the HVAC service plan and even considered cutting that part of the budget. Then I got to thinking about it. The HVAC equipment is a vital part of my home and my comfort. Without adequate heating and cooling, life at home would be tough. Plus, without proper HVAC maintenance, I open myself up to HVAC repairs that would be even more costly. I kept the HVAC service plan right where it was.


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