Air filtration changes our home for the better

Being inside my house for nearly a year certainly changed my perspective in a number of ways.

Interestingly enough, the changes all seem to be for the positive.

That’s pretty amazing considering what a giant negative this pandemic has been for all of us. The last day I spent in the zone controlled HVAC comfort of our offices, I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to work from home. And I was definitely afraid of what it might be like with all of my family inside the air conditioning safety of the house all the time. I don’t know which was more worrisome. However, I was pleased to find out that my family can rise to the occasion. Instead of it getting ugly, we all actually sort of looked out for each other. There was a lot of patience and compassion shown to one another. That was pretty awesome and a big positive change. Another positive change was the indoor air quality of our home. The pandemic taught me all about the importance of indoor air quality when it came to immune strength and respiratory health. This was sort of new to me and really something I should have been aware to prior to the pandemic. What I found out was that we could really improve the indoor air quality with a simple air filter change. Changing to a HEPA filter would remove more than 99 percent of all the airborne contaminants that were in the air. I was stunned by the improvement that just changing to a HEPA filter made in the indoor air quality of our home.


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