Muscle confusion

I consider myself to be a very athletic person.

I work out every single day.

I change what kind of workout I do. I rotate between cardio, weight training, balance and coordination drills. I don’t just lace up my sneakers and run everyday. The key is muscle confusion. Anything you do, your body attempts to get accustomed to. I don’t want to work out and feel I am hardly benefitting from it. That is why I am part of a wide variety of fitness groups. I do a group fitness class one day a week where the certified fitness expert leads us in a cardio based workout. I never know what to expect. I have been put on a stationary bike, given a jump rope or told to run on the treadmill before. The fitness expert does prefer to do whole group activities where everyone is jumping, squatting and lunging together. I love it since I never do that kind of stuff on my own. I stick to lifting weights, using my chin up bar or riding my bike through town if I am on my own. My other fitness class is a kickboxing oriented work out. I either am wearing heavy boxing gloves doing hand strikes or doing different kicks across the gym. I get sore in completely different areas the next day. It feels good to know that all areas of my body are targeted once a week. It is exciting that I can still get sore and my heart rate spikes because I am good at differentiating what I do.



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